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Group Psychotherapy: “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. ~ Margaret Mead

I love this quote by Ms. Mead as it captures the ‘potential’ for change that is present in any group of individuals that meet with thoughtfulness, awareness, courage, and purpose. Group Psychotherapy is a conscious decision of three or more people to meet at a pre-determined time, for a set duration, and with a professional leader to seek change whether their problems are social skills, assertiveness, parenting, sexual issues, divorce, eating habits, depression, marriage, death, addictions, finding meaning in life, or you name it. The power of group psychotherapy rests in the fact that all of human feeling, purpose, and behavior originate from the individual’s adaptation to other people. Sitting in a group for any period of time allows for deepening of connection to self and others with the intention of witnessing, observing and changing patterns of behavior and dynamics within the therapy group. However, the change does not stop here. Individual members are explicitly urged to ‘try out’ the personal developments from group as a new way of being in the world in every day life with the support of the group behind them. Group psychotherapy at its’ best engenders hope, facilitates change, is a place to practice courage and finding one’s voice, and it combats the isolation that many feel in life. The groups that I run are actively led. Development of personal relationships within the group naturally emerge and are encouraged as this is a primary means to change. Members are supported, comforted, and challenged both by myself, but primarily by one another.

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Brian Cross, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

Brian Cross, Ph.D.

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