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Individual Psychotherapy: I imagine that you have read or heard the following quote; “An unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates {470-399bc}. I wish I would have coined those words myself but all I can do is simply repeat them. However, in the current scheme of things and for the past 29 years, I am fortunate to say that I facilitate and assist all individuals whom I see to ‘examine’ their life in order to grow, evolve, change…You get the picture.

Individual Psychotherapy is simply the term originated in the past century to capture the process of two individuals, one-on-one, sitting and being with each other to work through, relate, and process thoughts, events, emotions, reactions, and relationships to effect understanding , awareness, with a possibility of enacting change. The term ‘psychotherapy’ derives from the procedures started by Freud and his colleagues in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It has continued to evolve as a specialized ‘medical procedure’ to help resolve a host of human frailties that result from our collective ‘conditions of living’. Anything and everything can be brought into a psychotherapy session. Worries, fears, angers, jealousies, self-loathing, narcissism, hates, sadnesses, joys, addictions, lusts, …the list goes on. The ‘container’ of psychotherapy, whether it is Individual, Group, Family or Couples – based, provides a space to explore the human condition as it is being lived to effect change.The essential feature of all Individual Psychotherapies…and there are many, many approaches and schools…is that ‘the relationship’ between the client/patient and therapist is a key factor to growth and change. The relational and physical space of therapy affords the client a high degree of anonymity from the personal relationships of life be they work, friendships, partner/marriage, school,…etc. to delve into deeply intimate issues of self with a mature, knowledgeable, and helpful other.

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Brian Cross, Ph.D., Psychotherapist

Brian Cross, Ph.D.

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